Nigeria: Memo To Mr President

President I urge you and congratulate you on your success in the recently concluded elections with a margin of nearly 4 million votes. As some folks would add, that is moon or landslide slide. We anticipate you Mr. President to prepare yourself with your cupboard that ought to be the very first order of business to be considered from the 9th Session of the National Assembly. The anticipation is that a number of the Ministers that are very acting will be kept. But now is the time. The anticipation is that now that the Cabinet will be inclusive. Mr. President that it is the right time to actually prioritize serenity in the Land to deal with the hardships.

The lack of life has now gone for too long as the recommendation is the fact that now is the time to announce that a state of crisis at specific zones that have proven through the years to become flashpoints. The Boko Haram insurrection if it’s right to acknowledge has been downgraded however, the simple fact remains this menace stays a threat as reports filter from a few daredevilry on the part of those insurgents. A situation a State Governor’s convoy might be targeted exhibited effrontery that demobilize the  whole house water filtration system class. And to do so we have to be humble to visit some nation that has shown capacity that we need to request their help.

The farmers/herder’s problem has to be handled frontally. Questions are asked why none of the perpetrators of the acts have been prosecuted because of its disturbance effect that was famous. This specific development has made your government available to the accusation of prejudice in its own attempts. Every attempt has to be made to honor the liberty of the tiers of government; both the Legislature and the Judiciary to keep to violate our democracy. It’s necessary that a few bridges have been built for a relationship that would alleviate smooth governance rather than the gridlock that distinguished connection during the immediate Assembly. Let’s consider certain important facets of governance because we talk, state the yearly budget.